1. The Mosquito

From the recording Thief and Rescue


(adapted from the poem ‘lullaby’ by peter ever wine)

last night something came around to scare me
left me turning in my bed
I heard the sound of a mosquito
back and forth it came and went

she must have come in from the garden
found an opening in the screen
looking for the sound a heart makes
looking to calm some inner need

no this is not another metaphor
meant to adorn some romantic tale
like you, I'd kill the mosquito
but it makes me stop to think

how much we want to hear the music
to hear the world's incessant song
even if it was never meant for us
it may not even really be song

and oh how much we love to love it
and with what sadness and what pain
knowing that we have to turn away
and enter darkness once again

copyright lee barber 2009