1. Don't Talk

From the recording The Missing Pages

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Lee: voice, guitar. Sahara Smith: voice. Brian Beattie: bass, piano, guitar. Jon Greene: drums, percussion. Dony Wynn: drums. Scrappy Jud Newcomb: slide guitar.


Don’t Talk

Don’t talk
Lay down with the one you love
I want to feel your breath on my skin
Let the words gather in

My heart
Wants to be a flying thing
Rollin’ tumblin' against your wind
Into the Sun

Our finest words
Can’t touch us here
And it feels so good
Just to be near

Don't talk...

Your lips
Are the hills where the mornings break
Rose water when I wake
Don’t talk

ah baby...
look, the sun's coming up!

don't talk

Copyright Lee Barber 2014