From the recording The Missing Pages

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Lee: voice, guitar. Brian Beattie: bass, guitar. Dony Wynn: drums, percussion. Scrappy Jud Newcomb: guitar.


Singin’ Boy Preacher

I walked all the way from Tchula
With your potatoes on my back
I put the coin in your pocket
While you were filling up my sack

I used to ride in your wagon
Selling bibles on the side
I was your singing boy preacher
Saving souls and gettin' high

There aint a lot of conversation
Between a rooster and a crow
I fell asleep on my pallet
While you were counting out the dough

You said you’d throw me some action
When I got old enough to drive
I guess you got a little greedy
Expecting me to take a dive


They must’ve come in through the window
Not a sound or a spark
I woke up the dogs were howling
And my room was cold and dark

Then I found you in the wheelhouse
With the sheriff and his dogs
I took him back to the trailer
Tied him up so he don’t talk

You didn’t have no call to hit me
Even if you was my pa
Sitting heavy on your three piece suit
Playing favors with the law

There aint a lot of conversation
Between a butcher and a hog
When I get back from Oklahoma
I’m gonna nail it to the wall


I know where you keep your pistol
And your three round balls
I’m gonna shoot everybody
I don’t care about at all

I am the faith of the prophet
I am the beast when it talks
I am your singing boy preacher
I don’t care for you at all

I don’t care for you at all…

Copyright Lee Barber 2014