From the recording The Missing Pages

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Lee: voice, guitar. Brian Beattie: bass, piano. Dony Wynn: drums, percussion.


Water in the Well

So you think, you think that you can tell
When there is water in the well
Water in the ground
beneath the rocks and stones
you think that you can tell

I will come down
And I will bring your cup
The one that you love best
with the dancing bull
That you mother brought from Spain
When we lived in the same house
That we filled when you were sick
I will bring it down
You can fill it up
I will bring your cup

It’s a cold cold world beyond this gate
Where no one has the time
We’re all just thinking of ourselves
Trying to make a buck
But it’s sweeter than you know
And people can be kind
Don’t be afraid to ask
Some people can be kind

When I'm gone
No longer around
Look up on the shelf
Look and find the cup
Bring it to the well
You can fill it up
And bring it to your lips
Please remember this
And you will find a kiss

little girl comes down
warm dusty afternoon
a little boy is there
dust on his feet
dust in his hair
his pockets are filled with rocks and pebbles
he smiles when she gets there
and they sit together at the well
a bluebird sings... up in a tree above the well
tweet, tweet, tweet...
a warm breeze rattles the dry leaves
careful not to fall
they lean over the old stone wall
some say it's been there over a hundred years
you can't see the water
when you look down it's as dark as a fogotten dream
but they're dropping pebbles
yea, they're dropping little pebbles in the water
one by one...
the bluebird sings... tweet tweet tweet...
listen, listen, listen...
It's a long long time before they hit the water
and if you get real real quiet
listen, listen, listen... almost...
you can almost hear the pebble hit the water...
So you think, you think that you can tell,
when there is water in the well...
water in the ground.

Copyright Lee Barber 2014