1. 10s & 20s

From the recording The Missing Pages

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Lee: voice, guitar. Brian Beattie: bass, guitar. Dony Wynn: drums, percussion. Scrappy Jud Newcomb: guitar. Grace London: voice. Finley Sexton: voice.


10s & 20s

Tens and twenties cover my windshield
I can barely see
Billboard pictures of plenty of satisfaction
Coming on to me

I roll through town on a liberty dime
Plying my stock and trade
I’m like the monkey on the telephone line
Above the big parade

Me and my friends, we fall down gracefully
We do what we have to do
I’ve heard them say that living will always be impossible
But they’ve never been touched by you

I want to stay here all of my life
Study the way that you move
I think I’ve stumbled onto something that’s real
Something that’s beautiful and true

copyright Lee Barber 2014